Alright guys… I know it’s been a lonnnnnnng minute but I’m getting back in the mix. Real life has been preoccupying my time, causing me to prioritize in a major way. One of the major changes for me has been a move that has left a sour taste in my mouth. There will probably be a post about that coming soon…

Okay, now on to it…

I think I may have unknowingly become a refugee… or maybe the first world has become a refugee in its own way. For weeks I’ve struggled with how I wanted to deliver this message.

A refugee, according to my simple google search is

a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

Typically one wouldn’t think of first world inhabitants as refugees. Generally they are not forced to flee their country due to religious persecution, threat of war, etcetera. In fact they have the luxury of waking daily, knowing their way of life will remain the same.

Especially here in the west as we are considered part of the first world.

Us western first world-ers maintain levels of content based on a previous set of ideals allowing us to exist in a bubble. In the United States, we have the physical separation of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on both sides, making our immigration woes pale in comparison to our European friends. We also have fewer languages to manage. I would rather let our land locked European friends continue leading the charge of handling human refugees.

Think about it… as North Americans, we have the luxury of our northern primarily English speaking Canadian neighbor who feigns neutrality like Switzerland, our southern Spanish speaking Mexican neighbor, and Greenland lying north of Canada (but aligned with Europe – Denmark). Seems like a pretty good deal to me, for I don’t see any conflict in the near future coming from Canada or Greenland. Even with all our woes coming from Mexico, there is no major threat to our comfort here.

I even wanna give a special shout out to my central american and Carribean neighbors, because they too are considered part of North America. However, here in the Americas, only the United States, Canada, and Greenland are considered first world countries. What’s great about it is we are surrounded by islands, water, agriculture…

Where am I going? Hang in there… it’s coming.

So, after giving that brief geography lesson I will kind of get to what bugs me. See, here in the first world, we struggle with the woes of capitalism, wealth definition, segregating ourselves from the “have nots”, the need to be at the top for everything, … we don’t struggle for food, access to education, potable water, etcetera. Instead we create problems for ourselves.

Our current “thing” we must fight is post modernism on steroids. Between gender neutrality, self identification viewpoints, money obsession, the newly coined “alternative facts”, and sub par journalism/reporting, the collective masses have become nothing more than sound bite lemmings who base their views on non factual talking points.

I’ve recently “checked out” of listening to the news. So basically I am even more mis-informed. I’ve become lazy too… I wait for my news from comical satire in order to get anything closer to the truth.

I’m over the knee jerk responses and irrational opinions.

I’m over the “alternative facts” gig.

I’m over the money money money talk.

I’m a refugee of irrationalism. I think this qualifies as living EXTANTLY.

The current culture supports irrationalism which ails us… at least here in the ??. We have now birthed the “alternative facts” lingo and have chosen to believe in it. We also choose to disregard inalienable truths (like this whole gender identification thing). The news media no longer reports the news, only the daily circus antics. This “new” way of life appears to be manifested in everything we do. We have become less conditioned to read any real news, as we are dependent on sound bites and satire.

The media has shamefully abandoned their responsibility to produce real informative news. If anything, I believe they owe me an apology for enduring their segments as they appear to de-evolve as professionals. Is it possible to file a class action suit?

Rationality has flown the coop!

So who is the real refugee? One who flees from irrationality or one who flees from the new first world/mainstream ideals, reporting, etcetera? Would the entire first world classify as a refugee?

I like to think I am fleeing from current first world ideals, reporting, etcetera. I don’t nicely fit in the category as a refugee. Does this mean I am living EXTANTLY? I feel like I am seeking “asylum” in some sense… taking refuge perhaps in the security of my own thoughts?

Refuge, according to my simple google search is

*a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble.
something providing shelter.
*an institution providing safe accommodations for women who have suffered *violence from a spouse or partner

Some of us have become mental refugees. I guess I take refuge by cloaking myself in my cyber persona and writing about it. I cannot have a real conversation because nothing is rooted in facts or common sense

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