I hear a lot of talk about wealth.

– Many want to increase their portfolio (because they started late or suffered a divorce)
– Some have “X” many retirements coming in (before pensions spontaneously disappeared from corporations)
– Some want to finance their children’s education (provided they don’t receive a scholarship)
– Some just want the newest 7 Series BMW (like seriously???)

Hold that thought….

This week I attended a school breakfast for new families. After listening to a compelling story from another parent how becoming part of the “family” had been a blessing, I reallllllly started thinking. Watching this woman smile with relief because her children were in an environment that addressed their needs gave me some perspective.

Of my four children, 3 are boys and a lone girl. I must mention I have boy/girl twins. I say this because on any given day I get some sort of email or note from the teacher from my 2 middle boys about their shenanigans. My focus gets shifted to getting my boys to just “be normal” instead of thanking God for them being part of this big family we have. Anyway, this woman’s testimony made me appreciate so many things about my children. Sooooooooo, in our continued discussion I mentioned how we take for granted having happy and healthy children, of which she readily agreed.

I hear all this discussion regarding wealth and “things” and I guess something has been bugging me. Trust me, I recognize the flexibility one gains from having an abundance of coins…. but surely wealth can be defined as more than $$$ right?

I see signs of Generation Xers chasing a slim physique. One coworker walks around with a container with some green stuff that smells like hot garbage in order to remain trim.image Another just doesn’t eat. Some just work out all the time. Heck, I’ve been caught doing calf raises and squats in my area (ohhhhh the peer pressure). Several of my coworkers are running into scenarios where they have lost friends, family, etcetera unexpectedly.

Let me tell you, these were not elderly people … they were in my generation! I am so freaked out about the entire thing. Offers to grab lunch are rather tempting but I don’t deviate from my lunch plan of Healthy Choice cuisines and a Halos. Yes, my quest to lose these vanity pounds (after four children) will stay in effect! Recently I have been drinking the California Dieters Tea to help cleanse (which is working a little too well). All in my quest to be thinner and hopefully healthier.

Health may perhaps be signs of the shifting paradigm of wealth. Could it be part of the wealth talk? I don’t know. We are constantly chasing more money (and yes, occasionally I copt to that same activity) but at what cost? People are dying prematurely, chasing coins in the process.

So just for today I am taking this time to appreciate what I DO have… overall good health.

Balancing between obtaining wealth and enjoying life could perhaps be my knee jerk reaction to some sort of mid, mid-life crisis.

At some point I need to change being driven by motivation into being driven by inspiration. I’m motivated to “punch the clock” in order to provide for my children… but struggle with being inspired these days.

Salute to good health.

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