We are all self serving narcissists …

Recently, my sister told me I needed to be everywhere on social media and I was immediately turned off. This notion of being on every social media site seems so….obnoxious. Almost like “Gotcha, Here I am! Bam, I’m here too! PeekaBoo!”

Let me explain why I went on a 5 minute tirade…

imageEveryone wants to boast about themselves, talk about themselves, tell everything about themselves. These days I question much of what I hear because of this need to boast. What I’m sure is Americans (namely Generation Xers and Millennial’s) shove their “greatness” in everyone’s face.

I haven’t seen anything like it.

We want to proclaim all things related to our body, beauty, baller status, etcetera, constantly stoking this vanity flame. In an effort to elevate ourselves in comparison to others, we look to feed our self esteem with food that doesn’t provide sustenance, which doesn’t make us more EXTANT. For example, …

imageSelfies. I didn’t even know there was a formal definition for the popularized word. Millennials and Generation Xers luhhhhhhhhhv taking selfies. There is no shortage of men and women from both generations snapping selfies. Now I must admit I’ve partaken in this activity a time or two, but most times I’m the cornball who watches others engage in the selfie craze. Also, I’m a horrible selfie taker. It’s like I need tutoring on how to angle my phone the most flattering way. Otherwise, my selfies show those vanity 5-10 pounds I don’t want persisting forever in cyberspace. Nevertheless, our society is truly into “look at me, look at me”. There is this constant need for attention. We don’t seem to keep a little bit of ourselves for ourselves anymore.

imageI was driving home from my “good job” and had a mini “ah hah” moment. We truly have a sick society. Look at the pic of this car. Obviously, this is a little over the top but hopefully you are starting to see with new eyes. Must we share everything about ourselves, shoving our narcissism onto innocent travelers? What people don’t think about is the collective profile they are giving me.

Dog stickers. I really don’t care you love your dog or the fact the dog exists. (Okay, what this really says to me is bad guys need to be extra careful if wanting to sneak into your home.)

School stickers. I don’t care what private school your children attend or if they made the honor role. (Okay, what this says to me is you value education or maybe where you live the schools may not be so great. You probably have a lot/little bit of disposable income.)

The annoying 13.1 and 26.2 stickers. Guess what, I don’t care if you ran a half or full marathon, let alone how many times. Before you call me a hater, I ran the Philadelphia Rock and Roll half marathon with my hubby while pregnant with twins. (Okay, what this says to me is I know I better be in shape in the event I need to make a quick but long getaway.)

Blessed 24:7 sticker. Okay okay, we know you love JESUS. (So you are telling me your home is most likely empty Sunday mornings.)

Political endorsement sticker(s). You telling me who you would endorse for office won’t change my mind either. (Okay, you are telling me you are closed to any opportunity for healthy debate.)

Who cares who cares who cares?

See, I’m a prior military officer. We were told over and over we should be mindful of sharing everything about ourselves. Imagine what kind of crazy ideas the bad guy is thinking because of the over sharing of information.

I don’t know what drives this need to tell everything about ourselves. Perhaps as a society we have been collectively marginalized in our careers, finances, fitness, and other areas that we now use our car as a platform to promote how great we are.

Social Media
imageAs much as I like to think I have the gift of gab, I like to “turn off” and enjoy my own thoughts. I simply don’t want to spread my time and energy everywhere. In fact, my web presence is still quite small… for now. I mean, I’m talking practically no one even knows I exist.

In previous posts I mention I am working towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and all that jazz, but there is no race here. Mostly because I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. What I do know is I have no interest in creating a presence on every media outlet. Millennials and Generation Xers alike post everything on Facebook. From pictures of their food, their every location, relationship status, who they know, what they did, and of course…the selfie.

See, both generations are obsessed with being seen. It’s like there exists this constant need to keep feeding their egos, unable to resist the euphoria of instant global access.

Let’s not forget the others, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter…I swear it’s like animals urinating on everything, marking their spot. I for one have no interest in marking my spot. Btw, the examples listed aren’t exhaustive either. Look, I recognize these social sites have a place, a purpose. I think I’m just pushing back because my silly ego didn’t want to acknowledge in order to achieve legitimacy, I must socially live everywhere.

Guys, … guys, … I get it. I just cringe at the thought of logging into one more thing. My goal is to be EXTANT, to stand out and live my life. However, I want my actions to be organic and on my terms as much as possible. For me to be EXTANT, I need to continue finding ways to buy back my time. Once that has been achieved, perhaps I can look into other social media options. Right now, I have just the right amount of time to manage my tiny blog.

To be continued…

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