OK so I have four children. I think I’ve mentioned it several times now in several blogs.

Doesn’t this automatically qualify me as living EXTANTLY, as very few families consist of more than
3 or 4 members? I mean I definitely think I’m “standing out or above”. American families are built for four people or less. Accommodations become harder, vacations more expensive, and eating at home definitely the norm. Try feeding a family at any fast food location, let alone fine dining and you will empty your accounts quickly. Yeah, we stick out everywhere we go, with no shortage of people having something to say.

…… and apparently we are a phenomenon unto ourselves.

Alright, let’s get back on track here. Because there are so many of us, we require a larger vehicle. You should see us practically falling out of my SUV. Yes, I said it…my S  U  V! I didn’t want a mini van because I still feel I have some juiciness left. My little ducks… oh yeah, you should see the masses stop and stare too, because there is a process to getting in/out of the “freak show” vehicle. Usually yelling is involved, or at least a light admonishment. Just last Friday (5 May 2017) I had a stern talking to 3 of my 4 children fighting over their Wendy’s kids meal (don’t judge me).

Yeah so getting out of the vehicle is always a process. Someone gets stepped on or accidentally elbowed. Someone decides to create an unspoken race to get out first. Someone says someone stinks because they farted.  Someone… has done… some… THING. So yeah, we’re typically falling out of the SUV. Barely able to feign being functional and normal.

… annnnnd of course passerby’s are looking at us like we are a phenomenon unto ourselves. You would think we were a rare sighting. Like they can’t believe someone today would purposefully “inflict” birthing four kids. The nerve!

So they stare.

Because of my personality at the age of 40, I don’t backdown. In fact, I stare back (basically being hypocritical with my rudeness, the very same thing I tell my kids not to do). On some occasions I say “hello”, which breaks the power I have on the poor minion who views me as a living circus freak.  Heaven forbid if all my children are actually dressed with socks that match, pants that come pass their ankles, hair is brushed, skin perfectly lotioned. That’s when more dumb questions come because they see I have a 12 year old, 6 year old, and 5 year old twins.  That’s right, I said it. Twins. ? Imagine all the comments I get…

“You look great for having 4 children.” (Should I be totally tore down?”)
“You must have your hands full!”
“Here comes double trouble!”
“Your food bill must be huge! ” (this is true)
“You almost have enough children for a basketball team.”
“I had children close in age, it’s like having twins too. I understand.” (Seriously? No you don’t.)
“Were your twins conceived naturally?” (Whaaaaaat?”)
“Were your twins conceived on purpose?”
“How many more are you gonna have?”
“I don’t know how you do it.”

Some are bold enough to ask me why I didn’t have a minivan. Well my answer is usually, “Because I wanted an SUV and I still have it going on at 40.” OK, soooooo I’m not sure why I should have to drive a minivan anyway. Mind your business people! What makes you think I want to hear your stupid comments anyway? Makes me think the strangers or worse and the children. Seriously though?

Next thing you know they wan’t want to tell me about consignment shopping. Look people, with four kids my house is already its own consignment shop. If you want to be helpful, volunteer to deposit funds into their college account.

The great thing about having a large family is the built-in play date. I don’t go looking for play dates because they create something new for themselves at home daily. Also they have a pack mentality. If you come for any of them, you are going down. Nuff said! We have very few dull moments and holidays are full of laughter. There always seems to be something to celebrate too! I mean every year I attend tons of concerts, graduations, celebrations, etcetera.

To be honest, we are probably the most down to earth family around (toot toot of my own horn). I can’t afford to schedule all of my children every waking second of the day in every activity possible. We have to be selective which allows them downtime to explore making their own decisions. So I don’t feel like they are totally missing out. They have their own minds and opinions which I’ve learned.

All I’m trying to say is my family makes people double take. We apparently are a free freak show for those who fit the new American family mold of 1-2 children. Since Ringling Barnum and Bailey is going out of business, guess they want us to be a living substitute.

We know the cost is tough on large families. Yes, we get it. We also know our faith gives us peace of mind knowing our needs and many of our wants will continually be met. It also helps we are two working professionals who can contribute to savings, retirement, emergency money’s, etcetera. We recognize we must be intentional about managing our resources, but never once are we regretful or shameful of our family of six. We are not a phenomenon people! We are simply living EXTANT!

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