Labor Day Phenomenon

It happened…I thought it was just a myth but lo and behold it wasn’t…

Labor Day Weekend I was sitting outside with my neighbors. Now, after you finish gasping at the novelty of it all, I have an even bigger shocker…

All of our children played together….outside….with bikes and balls! imageYes, our little bundles of joy were running for fun! There was no scheduled activity, no timed events, … nada! These children were running around because of the pure joy of it. They played with balls, then would get bored and ride their bikes, bikes that were in great condition mind you. They even engaged in throwing the ball to each other. I can honestly say I enjoyed the sound of kids playing loudly outside.

The funniest comment was “‘it’s been a while since we’ve done this”. Of course my only response was to put my head down and stifle a little snicker.

All the Generation X parents were watching where the balls rolled and ensured no child was running into harm’s arms. We monitored for fast moving traffic (although not a ton in our neighborhood), ensured each child had an opportunity to play with the “thing” of the moment. Cars were parked to block off quick access, parents camped out in key locations for quick “boo boo” fixes after bike falls, and toys all over the inner circle. It was great!

The great thing about this whole scenario is for that moment, no one cared which school their child was attending or which team their child was going to participate on. No one cared about their children’s clothes. Hair was messy on most of the girls. Little boys knees looked every bit of knobby. Fathers were actually running around with the kids (and getting exhausted). Mothers were… watching. There were no pretenses. In fact, we all decided we were going to participate in a neighborhood Fantasy Football league…. I’m still waiting to hear about it though.

After they were able to run off all that energy, I corralled my tribe inside and enjoyed the rest of the evening. There was no fighting! They were too tired! We spent Labor Day weekend at home doing absolutely nothing and loved every bit of the weekend.

I miss the old American values. People cared for each other. Kids were allowed to be kids…. instead of perfect. Neighbors would actually converse with each other, instead of the cold relationships we have today. The genuine comraderie and entertainment in each other’s presence was relaxing because we were actually laughing….from the gut!

This may have been just a passing moment, but one I enjoyed.

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