Sooooo I have been doing a bit of reading….

imageI subscribe to several blogs/newsletters that talk about generating passive income, wealth generation, how to blog, blogging with purpose, etcetera. It may seem like I’m all over the place…well it’s because I am.  I’m torn between trying to step out of my Generation X zone of having a good job, but remaining balanced in my wealth generating efforts. Trust me, my children do a great job being our money pit. I’m also trying to do a better job at blogging.


Great reads. Seriously though. I learn something quite often while being entertained.

Okay, so I kinda suck as a person because I haven’t implemented much of what was suggested, although some things I already do. I won’t get into the particulars but ultimately, I am kind of in this semi holding pattern, flying at the 10000ft level when I really need to zoom in. Many things are articulated but I am struggling with one very important piece….

Hold that thought for a moment… (why do I use “” so much? It’s like I am always in the middle of a trailing thought.)

I got it. In August 2016, I finally just took a leap and created a website and started this blog. Man I felt free but scared. Real scared. Of course I knew it would be difficult to locate me in cyberspace because I was a nobody. So having the masses judge me was quite minimal. Yes, it was cowardly but I took comfort knowing I would not receive immediate judgement. Ultimately, no one wants to be judged when putting yourself out there. Nevertheless, I started blogging anyway. There was no thought behind it regarding what niche areas, optimization, etc. I just did it.

For months, I contemplated starting this blog to discuss all the things “heavy on my heart”. Reading those various newsletters/blogs I subscribe to pushed me into action. But see, my motivations were slightly different. I started this blog initially as a way to just express myself in anonymity. No one could dictate my content, my length, my voice. No One!

Now I continue to read and remain mentally paralyzed, knowing there is this constant undercurrent towards taking this a little further and I’m STILL trying to figure out my purpose among other things… but after subscribing to several imagenewsletters for different reasons it all kinda circled back to my initial thoughts.

Soooooooo, I’ve now progressed a tad bit by zooming in from the 10000ft Birdseye level to kind of doing donuts around the same few topics. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in denial of my “voice” by not really stretching myself, or if I have already arrived where I need to be.

The problem was I kept reading other “stuff”. Then I was awakened with knowledge. I actually started thinking about the very thing I alluded to that I was struggling with.

What is my brand? (Gasp?) What am I trying to say?


So now I am trying to get a better logo, upgrade this website, and just generally understand what it is I think I am trying to say. All these other bloggers seem to have their stuff together. It is clear I do not have a clue what I am doing. The goal was for this site to remain as organic as possible.

If you have received this via newsletter, then I’m already moving in the right direction. Don’t judge me though, I’ve got some tweaking to do.

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