Several have asked “when are you gonna post again?”

If they only knew I had 3 partial posts in draft form, or this post has been renamed too many times to remember. I constantly remind myself that my path will be different than other bloggers. See, my posts aren’t on topics about love, finance, health, or beauty. Many much more qualified and enthusiastic bloggers out there discuss such topics much better than I ever could. To be honest, I’m still discovering my voice as I try to mature in the eyes of my few subscribers. I don’t have a polished web presence, newsletter, or voice. Heck, I’ve even gone against the grain simply because I’m not posting stylistically like

“5 toenail clippers to clip your toenails.”
“Top 7 ways to yodel.”
“9.2276 ways to title your blog”

Don’t judge me.

I guess this makes me stubborn or maybe even foolish. If I post that way then I would sound like everyone else.  That’s the going technique right now.

I feel hypocritical for struggling with motivation to be EXTANT. This is hard! Hold this thought.


How cool is this photo? Nice little play on perspective going on… I find images like these fascinating. One can see  relatively easily this image is merely a play on camera angle, depth, etcetera.

Stay with me on this.

The National Geographic channel has a really neat series called Brain Games. There were several episodes that addressed a really neat topic on anamorphic illusions. I LOVED IT! I’m not saying this is truly an anamorphic illusion but as a novice, I consider it to be pretty close.

Wikipedia defines Anamorphosis as a “… distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point (or both) to reconstitute the image…

There are many examples of this, as a simple google search yields ton of results. The Einstein mask is my fave. Typically I don’t include videos but this is just awesome.

Here’s one more… totally geeking out on this…

Soooooooooo you know all this has me thinking…

Living in an EXTANT manner is all about perspective. Here I am talking about purpose, service, etcetera while others reference $$$. Well, I do believe that increased financial wealth helps buy back your time for sure…. but I struggle to maintain that balance. Trust me I recognize the value and freedom that comes with tons of money. Yet, where do I draw the line? At what point does one recognize as the “image” of success or being EXTANT rotates, that it’s all possibly an illusion based on your own makeup? Many I have spoken with have traded in their jobs after becoming financially free only to re-enslave themselves to chasing more. Screw that!!! So yeah, the flesh part of me wants all of that but I war with the spiritual part of me.

Again, don’t judge me.

BE EXTANT! That’s been my mantra. I’ve been working on putting together a “thing” that serves as a roadmap of some sort. Carefully crafting my language, I came up with my first draft of what it means to be EXTANT. Now what?

(Insert screeching halt in your mind)

I’ve got the six points but now I’ve gotta hold myself accountable. Hence my tanking motivation. Once I do a better job of weeding out the noise, I believe I will have more clarity.


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