All of you… all few of you have have decided to take the plunge and subscribe to my blog have been listening to me talk around the topic of living EXTANTLY. I’ve posted various types of blogs and even created a separate page where I further call out the necessary ingredients to live EXTANT.

Let me recap for you…

1. Spiritually Ground Yourself

2. Discover your Purpose

3. Redefine Wealth

– when you can buy back your time

– when you maintain good health

4. Continuously Grow Yourself

5. Be of Service

6. Make Others Better

See, this isn’t something that is a hard, fixed set of requirements (like that engineering word?). Think of these “ingredients” as more of a guideline. Before I continue on, I wanted to simply share these items are what I deem to be pertinent to EXTANT living.

Sooooo, you may ask “How exactly are you living EXTANTLY?”. Hold that thought…img_0146

I was sitting in a 4 hour Program Management Review (PMR) last week, staring at the poorly written set of requirements…thinking how awful it is that I will never recover those brain cells. Four freaking hours I will never ever evah get back.

Wasting those precious hours made me realize I am far from living EXTANTLY. You know how someone can fat shame, slut shame, etcetera? Well I somehow shamed myself in my lack of EXTANT living.

For one, I do not currently have the ability to buy back my time (ingredient number 3 for redefining wealth). Again, the retirement is fine but the present is woefully inadequate. While listening to my geographically separated team try to hammer over a video teleconference (VTC) how we plan to achieve the overall initiative, I was thinking about all kinds of things such as …

1. It sucks that we just replaced one of our A/C units this summer and now our furnace is trying to cough up a lung. The other A/C unit is on the outs and I am tired of working to pay for my freaking house.
2. How are we going to afford 4 college educations? LAWD!
3. I need more time to play tennis, learn to hand dance, and volunteer.
4. I can’t wait to get home and watch one of my DVR’d episodes of Judge Judy (I LOVE her!!!)

Don’t judge me. I recognize these are first world problems. Nevertheless, that is where I am.

After giving myself a tiny anxiety attack while my teammates argued over which Subject Matter Expert (SME) data they would receive in line with the requirements, I decided to examine my hypocrisy.

After looking at my list, I changed my perspective and recognize where I was achieving EXTANT living… it’s #1,4, and 5.

For spiritual growth and foundation, I have been trying to establish a closer relationship with God as I have been rather self absorbed. Being intentional about my relationship has been a slow process towards handling stress and adversity.

For continuously growing myself, I am learning in various areas. First, I am actively looking to gain a new certification for career growth. Second, I have been learning the nuances on how to blog. This is definitely a process because I am clearly weak in this area. Each time I log into my website, I learning something or look to employ something new. Third, I am actively becoming a student of the tennis game. Between new stroke production, forced mental toughness situations, new strategies, and new racquet equipment I have plenty of things to improve.

Continuously growing yourself doesn’t mean you have to chase formal higher education, although I am definitely a supporter of that. Just taking the time to continuously grow as a person definitely helps you reevaluate the things that are important. The point about growing is I think it makes you a better person. You learn about what you don’t know and you are always reaching for new goals. When growing yourself, it will become much harder to become complacent.

… and then there is being of service… or giving back. I have been recently struggling with that particular ingredient. If I am being honest, it is the constant grind of working that hijacks my time…. making me quite selfish because I don’t want to share the remaining time I have. My four children seem to do a great job of stealing the rest of it. Nevertheless, I figured I could start out by giving back in my career field…. until I come up with a 5 year plan to leave it. I joined a professional organization and have been slowly giving back in that capacity. In the process of casually participating, I recognize that I was getting something out of it too. In fact, I enjoyed … sharing/transferring knowledge.

So where does that leave me? I recall a couple months ago in church listening to my pastor saying often times out of your burden or your service, you discover your purpose. Well, I believe there is some truth behind that statement. I figured out that I liked doing group service projects because…

1. I can learn how others are able to be of value
2. I enjoy the comraderie of working with others while giving back in some capacity
3. I enjoy transferring educational/academic knowledge.
4. I am learning to enjoy establishing new relationships in which we all contribute to “shining” each other up.

See I didn’t think that while giving back to others I would be receiving something just as meaningful too.

img_0147Soooooooooo that leaves me with #3 which is redefining wealth (time and health) and #6 for making others better. I’ve been reading various financial bloggers and I’m torn with which direction to move, but I am slowly formulating a plan. The great news is I know which direction I’m leaning but making things happen is much more difficult. I need to make a decision soon or suffer from paralysis of analysis. I’ve also decided if I continue serving the community or professional organizations, I could help others become better citizens, better people. Perhaps that may be a little presumptuous but that’s my journey….for now.

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