I should thank my six year old son…

Months ago I got up at 2:09am because my son claimed there was a spider that was in his bed and somehow crawled into the bathroom sink, then returned to the bedroom and out of the window. All this in the span of a few short minutes. Yes, he had a little nightmare. Second night in the row. Same one. Yup….

This morning I asked him about the nightmare from the previous night and he said there was a spider in the sink. I checked and lo and behold, a tiny spider was relaxing in there. I viciously turned on the water and down the drain he went. Mommy saves the day. Little did I know that would be my only accolade for the day.

Anyway, daddy had to handle the situation this time. His solution was to have my son sleep in my twins room on the floor. Now my twins are awakening, thinking this was the perfect opportunity to engage in discussion. Trust me, they can talk all day. Hubby threw my son’s hot comforter on the floor with a pillow and stuffed animals then gave himself the mental pat on the back. I swear I thought I heard him say “job well done“… but that just may be my sarcastic cynical nature rearing it’s head. Keep in mind, we are having a slight heat wave this week in the Washington D.C. area, and the children chose fleece pajamas after bathing. My children are notorious for choosing fleece pajamas when it’s hot outside and shorts when it’s below freezing, of which I no longer gripe about. If they wanna sweat it out in 80 degree weather, fine by me. Eventually they will learn.

Anyway, I digress…..

Every ceiling fan and stand alone fan is running on the highest setting. We are NOT turning the air conditioner back on for one week!

Now of course I just couldn’t let it go. The micro manager had to re-investigate. So I go in the room and grab our son and his hot comforter and walked his fleece clad body back to his room. We went thru the exercise of looking for the spider before clearing his bed for sleep duties. I couldn’t help shake my head because we are simply too cheap to turn the air conditioner back on for relief. Yet, he’s content like my other children to wear these hot fleece pajamas in 80 degree weather.

Only my oldest choose the least amount of clothing.

I return to bed.

Sleep has abandoned me while I listen to the soft snores of my best friend, my husband. Now I get up and throw in another load of laundry.

I’m Complaining. I’m Cranky. I’m Irritated.

Sleep continues to elude me…and then I started thinking about every little stressor going in my real life.

I prayed. That’s it. I prayed.

It was during my prayer that I gained perspective. imageIf I’m living EXTANTLY, then I should be appreciative of everything…my health, my kids, etcetera. I went from one extreme to the next. Instead of complaining about the self inflicted wound of disrupted sleep, I was able to be the hero for my fleece clad son.

I was able to get another load of laundry completed.

I was able to get some uninterrupted time with my God.

I was able to get some early steps and stair flights on record for my Fitbit challenge/competition I lose every week.

I was able to communicate with the guy who is updating my website.

I was able to write this blog.

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