I was watching a commercial weeks ago and bursted out laughing. The reality show SURVIVOR is actually doing a competition between Generation X and the Millennials.image

Tooooooooo funny.

…..but you know I’m watching it right?

To be honest, I did not realize we were in competition with the Millennials. In fact, I figured Generation Xers were not in competition with anyone, being we are the forgotten generation. It’s kinda messed up we are being pit against the Millennials.

Heck, I like the millennials!

In another blog I stated millennials seem to be living in a manner more EXTANT. Now this is going to be interesting, watching two groups of people engage in group think regarding the two generations….but ultimately resorting to the same survivor behavior. Will the Millennials change the Survivor culture via voting paradigm shifts?

Are we that radically different or will the show highlight our similarities after all? I mean….

We are both tech savvy
We are both aware of the various technologies at our disposal. Oddly enough, many reporters think the Millennials are not as tech savvy as we thought. I’m not sure what to believe and not sure I really care being that I am not in the business of selling dreams, product, or services to Millennials.

We are both educated
With online schools such as Phoenix, Strayer, ITT (although they went out of business over night), Devry….they cater to a segment of the population that realize they must balance work and family life while obtaining their education in order to remain viable in the workforce. Ultimately, both seek higher education.

It will be interesting to see how they vote each other off, how they rationalize bad behavior, and overall game approach. In the meantime, I’ve been doing some additional reading and ran across these articles below which dispelled some of the common group think we have of both generations.

Key links

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