Generation X Gone M-I-A

Hey! Remember us? It’s Generation X! We need a lifeline and fast…

I was reading in the wee hours of the AM and stumbled across this article by Forbes. The title was rather tongue in cheek regarding Generation X and their preferences. I admit, I was entertained but slightly annoyed (if that is even possible) they could recognize and shade us (current slang for being insulted) simultaneously. On one hand they were pleased to know they uncovered some stat that indicated some sort of driving preference.  Yet, on the other hand they were surprised that we even had a preference…or that we were still in existence!

When did we become the forgotten generation? I mean we have brought you Kim Kardashian for goodness sakes! The more I think, I recognize that we don’t seem to have a big presence anywhere. Shoes are marketed to the youth. Medicine is advertised to people of my parents age. Toys are constantly marketed on Disney and Nickelodeon to my children. Whoa! I cannot think of one thing we can hang our hat on that is pushed to my generation.

OMG. We have been forgotten. We must find a way to make ourselves more EXTANT.

What are your thoughts?

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