I’ll keep this short.

I’m really struggling with my feminist views in 2017.

Much of what drives my yapping stems from the women’s march that took place pout election. I even understood all the hype and excitement and general sense of empowerment.  I watched many of my contemporaries and various circles talk about how wonderful that March was, and all I could do was listen.

OK… so I listened and listened ….. and listened.

I can appreciate women marching about their displeasure of our current POTUS. The problem I have is… I was kind of feeling as if I really just didn’t know what real purpose the march served. The official reason according to the web cites human rights, women’s rights, immigration reform, etcetera. However, I got the sense it was primarily a feel good moment to bash Trump and his misogynistic views, his elitist views, … his racist views. I get it. I just didn’t get the sense they were looking to change any sort of policy or anything noteworthy.

I already have limited cycles to dedicate to whatever the “cause” is for the week, so if I’m going to do anything, it better be good. It better serve a purpose. Perhaps raise awareness? Having a one-off march with no known long term agenda just doesn’t cut it for me.

Before any one freaks out, I’m not some Kellyanne Conway wannabe, blindly supporting Trump. In fact, I’m even embarrassed of the entire administration and the face of America.

… but I digress.

Back in the day people were looking to do or change some thing.  During the 1960s people were marching for civil rights, women’s suffrage, … any sort of injustice. They were looking to change the laws, policies, unequal pay, or whatever.  This March that took place a few months ago gave me the feeling of a feel good solitary moment. And I guess there’s nothing wrong with it. I just don’t know what they were trying to accomplish. Unfortunately voicing my opinion makes me look like an anti feminist.

I’m not an anti feminist. I’m an anti march for an anecdotal mention in history person.