….and I’m soooooo jealous because apparently the millennials are living EXTANT while Generation X follows an outdated set of rules!

Just look at the picture below. She looks happy. Taking selfies. Smiling for no freaking reason. You may be wondering why I am focusing on the happy millennial as represented in the below photo. Give me a moment and I’ll explain…


I subscribe to a blog called the Financial Samurai, which delivers lots of good financial content, tips, funny stories, etc. Well there was this one particular blog I took extreme interest in reading, but also harbored a little bit of jealousy.

The owner of the blog (SAM) allowed a Canadian guest post named Kristy of Millennial Revolution, to voice her thoughts on being a disowned millionaire who won’t engage in home ownership. She boasts many reasons for her success is from reclaiming time, avoiding the wealth tax, maintaining liquid assets, zero maintenance costs… all explained as benefits. I must admit, after reading this post, it really had me thinking.

Soooooooooo, I decided to read another article from Kristy. I checked out the article about how she made a seven figure portfolio… Well, she didn’t actually go into the specifics how she made her coins, but she pointed out many funny but compelling truths about how she was told to live her life:

1. Getting a Job (Encouraged to be an engineer vs writer)
2. Buying a home (Avoid renting)
3. Working Hard (Being loyal only to possibly be pink slipped by a profitable company)

All things I have complained about in my previous blogs.

Kristy the millennial was smarter than I was and chose to move against the grain instead.

What makes her so impressive is she actually built up a great portfolio and retired at 31! Please don’t mistake my enthusiasm for this post as a sign that I’m going out of my way to sell our family home. As we enter into more financial turmoil, I would prefer to bask in the glow of a home the bank can’t touch vs hoping my stocks maintain their paper value. There is no guarantee my family portfolio will remain at the same value and no guarantee we will be able to retrieve our investments.

However, Kristy the millennial is on to something, for she chose to stand alone and live life on her terms. Here I am telling Generation X to live EXTANT and yet Kristy the millennial is doing it even better than I can say it. I actually enjoyed the risk and reward challenge, the shunning of the baby boomer philosophy. In fact, I can see how this thinking could shift in the paradigm of wealth pursuit. She has managed to recapture the time that us Generation Xers have seem to surrendered. I definitely believe “time” is the new sign of wealth, the new American dream.

Look, I get it. In order to live EXTANT like the Financial Samurai or Kristy from the Millennial Revolution, you would have to have the talent and interest in really monitoring the markets.

Unfortunately, I know that is not my gift.

I know enough to not be ignorant but I am definitely not a financial guru. If given the opportunity (basically if house was paid off), I would ask my husband to quit his job and just monitor our finances, for he seems to really be into that kind of thing. Then perhaps we could live EXTANT.

We would not be shackled to jobs we hated.
We would not be tired
We would recover TIME (which is my opinion of the new American Dream)
We would have time to shift thought paradigms

Currently, I am doing the very opposite of living EXTANT. I’m in the process of looking for a new “good” job, studying for a new Certified Systems Engineer Professional (CSEP) certification, and counting the pennies I receive. BTW, I was watching the news some where and it mentioned women make about $0.68 on the dollar compared to men. This makes my professional efforts this year seem even more silly, as I am still considered inferior to my male counterparts. All this just to try to move ahead in a career that seems to be morphing or rather collapsing into a hybrid software development position.

The new dilemma if I were living EXTANT would be to figure out how to manage my time. I would rather have THAT problem.

Thank you Kristy for making me feel even more like a lemming.

(*****I do not dislike millennials, I actually find them fascinating*****).

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