Sooooooo, I was recently talking with a co-worker about a bunch of nonsense. We seem to have the same sick sense of humor, much of it centering around the easy soft balls tossed up from surrounding people.

We talked about who we would place in our Cabinet if elected president. At first I wanted to place him as my Press Secretary, which of course is not an official cabinet position. His personality would be even more entertaining than Sean Spicer. For one, he is definitely much more intelligent, or at least has me convinced. Secondly, he has a little more empathy for people. Third, he has NO problem with telling people the real deal.

I tinkered with what I thought would be a hilarious Cabinet.

Vice President: Beyonce … She would help win the popular vote and would probably out on a skimpy leotard to lure the male vote.
Press Secretary: D. L. Hughley … Good for a well-timed rant.

1. Sec of State: Taylor Swift … Liked world-wide and wouldn’t piss off any dignitaries. I would tell her she can’t make any songs about it during her tenure.
2. Sec of Treasury: Jay Z … he seems to be good at promoting economic prosperity between himself and Bae. Perhaps he could do the same thing by investing in some other stuff for the county too. He would make America great again.
3. Sec of Defense: Chris Brown … Always down for a good fight. Scared of no one and would probably don a uniform so that he can legally carry a machine gun.
4. Attorney General: Judge Judy … I love her and nuff said.
5. Sec of Interior: Bill Maher
6. Sec of Agriculture: PeTA … Interesting to see the fights they would cause between the meat eaters and the grass grazers.
7. Sec of Commerce: Kim Kardashian … She knows how to make money. Would definitely d lots of shaking her money-maker.
8. Sec of Labor: Sean Hannity … Would be gangster at getting everyone to work. There would be no entitlement programs and would probably have a protest of one for anti-socialism.
9. Sec of Health and Human Services: Bill O’ Reilly … He would probably enjoy fighting with the FDA, Medicaid, CDC, etcetera. He would complain about what services were being offered by Medicaid.
10. Sec of Housing and Urban Development: Donald Trump … he is good at managing who can/cannot live in his properties. He would clean up our neighborhoods. Maybe even invoke stop and frisk even more.
11. Sec of Transportation: Matchbox … Clearly they know how to make all forms of transportation. We would ask them to make space age vehicles too.
12. Sec of Energy: Entire Cast of Yukon Men … They know how to reuse everything and create ways of generating energy. Just overall bada–es!
13. Sec of Education: Mayim Bialik … Smart lady who can please the public with her tv personality and still be a neuroscientist.
14. Sec of Veteran Affairs: John McCain … A true veteran and he looks old.
15. Sec of Homeland Security: Suge Knight … He is scary. I don’t think anyone messes with him in jail either.

With so many personalities and different view points from all sides of the coin, dull days would  be a thing of the past.

If we can have a cabinet based off businessmen who are completely out of touch with the average person, sure my cabinet full of a mixed bag of nuts would do just as well? This would most certainly be an Extant Cabinet as it would definitely stand out.

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