America’s Kids|Quest for #1|New Mediocrity

The reduction of children playing outside has become an epidemic! 


Look around, America’s children have made outside play a phenomenon. America’s kids need to be placed on milk cartons (something Generation X knows all about), because they have gone missing!

Relax. The great mystery of locating America’s kids has been solved everyone!

I’ve found them! They are all training to be the next best thing. They are all training to be …. GREAT!

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Recently, dear hubby and I have been sending our tribe of 4 outside, practically hearing them hiss at that phenomenon in the sky called the sun. The sun touches their hopefully sufficient in vitamin D skin and they want instant relief; they prefer to go inside where they don’t have to contend with the elements.

Heck, I’m partially guilty of it with my children too.

They’ve become accustomed to “playing inside”, in the comfort of air conditioning.

Alright alright, we’ve all heard how our children don’t play outside asuperkidnymore.  (Maybe that explains some of the vitamin D deficiency). Perhaps it’s because they are committed to every sport and training camp available. Generation X is training a bunch of super stars for one of the coveted (insert your sport of choice here) scholarships to a big named university. It doesn’t matter if these scholarships are statistically long shots and available to international students, our cherubic little angels MUST receive one!

Our highly trained children boast wonderful resumes, with athletic accolades making them appear to be the next best thing. no1Parents routinely fall into this false idol worship mentality, living thru their children and boasting of their “greatness”. (Just a cautionary mind jogger for those who are Believers, not a judgement). These amazingly beautiful creatures are part of a new collective… the SUPERKID collective. Since America’s kids are all great, isn’t that the new mediocrity? Are any of them standing out?  Being EXTANT?

America’s children spend their time in the gym, in private sports clubs, and anything else that has nothing to do with the exclusivity.  Many of them have work out routines that rival adult routines. These superkids wouldn’t dare get caught playing the sport for fun anymore. The same sentiment applies to those who are musicians, journalists, etc. Recently I had one parent pimp his daughter’s book to me at work, although I actually didn’t mind.

Being the good parents we are, dear hubby and I decided outside play for out kids would be a great activity. Oh how funny it is to watch them use the playground equipment, virtually uninterrupted by others competing for their turn. The playground is in such good condition with bright paint. On days when a trip to the playground is not in the cards (i.e. when we are lazy), we send them out back. We even give them a container of bubbles and watch them squeal in delight, as if the bubbles are the best invention ever!

Our new generation of pampered children don’t know much about the tag and bubbles phenomenon. Most of them probably don’t know how to get to a good park. See you must understand, they are trying to be the number one “something”. In their parents quest (I’m sorry… “the child’s quest” ) to make it big, they all seem out of balance. America’s kids are all over scheduled, wearing the same team uniforms, and trying to make it to the next level. I suspect many of these children lack the ability to make decisions for themselves because everything has already been scripted for them.

No more America’s children actually playing their sport outside for fun. They probably don’t even know who the kids are in the neighborhood. The neighborhood kids are somewhere off being the “best” at something too.

Then it hit me. My children are not only different than most of the children referenced in the article, they are redefining what it is to be EXTANT. They are actually quite … ordinary. Their normal-ness IS in itself a manner of standing out. Their childhood blueprint is being altered in a way that allows them to be great and allow for self discovery. kidstv Do not mistake them as being unintelligent or lacking in athletic ability. It’s just that…. they get one activity per season.

(I hear the collective gasps).

They actually have free time to destroy something in our home and “occasionally” play outside.  This is because they actually have energy left to scheme up mischief, engage in pretend play. They even have enough time to do something as heinous as…. (wait for it……) watch TV!

(Another collective gasp).

Does this make our kids EXTANT?

As my children get older and participate in more activities, they will probably join the Superkid collective and become less EXTANT unless I consciously fight it. Heck, Richard Williams chose a different path for his daughters and now he has two world class EXTANT tennis players. They play their own brand of tennis, determine their own schedule, engage in outside interests. They never joined the collective by playing the junior tennis circuit.

America’s Superkids are the new mediocrity.

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